Home Made Bee Watering Station

Honey bee’s are a remarkable insects, they are the biggest natural contributor to pollination across the world and dramatically assist us with our food supplies.

Bees need access to a safe water sources so they can continue their vital work, unfortunately they often risk drowning in birdbaths or being eaten near ponds and river banks by birds or other wildlife. This is why they often fly or may even land on us if we are outdoors by a pool on a hot day.

To help our little friends carry on pollinating and doing what they do best below is a guide on how to create a safe Bee watering platform.

You will need:
A shallow bowl or ceramic dish
Marbles or similar shaped sones

Additional: If you wanted to go the extra mile:
A glue gun

Simply distribute the marbles symmetrically across the bottom of the container you have chosen so there are no big gaps for the bee’s to fall in and add water (Glue the marbles or other stones you have chosen in place for them to be extra secure)

Remember not to overfill so that the Bee’s have somewhere to drink from!
Ready to re-hydrate

Many people add sugar or honey to the watering stations but this can be disastrous and have a detrimental affect on the bee’s!

Why you shouldn’t add sugar.

Adding sugar to the water can cause harm by allowing the bee’s to take shortcuts. If a bee knows it can get sugar from water rather than by pollination then it will take that shortcut and will return to that sugar source instead of visiting and pollinating flowers.

Why you shouldn’t add honey.

Honey may contain spores of a bacteria called Paenibacillus(also known as American foulbrood) It is deadly to bees. The bees will take the honey back to their hive and if it contains the bacteria it will likely infect the entire hive. The only way to treat this is by burning the hive.

Help our bee’s help us, keep them hydrated and ready to go!